Corporate Sessions

We have successfully done 200 corporate Zumba, Yoga and Meditation sessions across India with stratups to Tier 1 companies. Due to Covind-19 situation, we also conduct online sessions on demand. This has helped us reach multiple geographies and gain their trust. These companies give us repeat business on monthly or quarterly basis.

Offline sessions -These sessions are conducted in authentic ways at the studio, club houses or in company campuses.

Online sessions -These are contactless sessions conducted via online video calling.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and employees went remote, Dancing Feet come up with Virtual corporate Sessions for employees which they will really enjoy via Zoom or Google meet.

We think employees really enjoy stuff they can do with their kids—and something that can occupy their kids and get a little break in the day.

Focusing on fitness is seen as a smart move during the pandemic, advocates note, giving employees an opportunity to be active, boosting their mental health along the way.

Well now that they are at home and working remotely, virtual fitness and wellbeing options are the only way to reach them. That is why they are here and here to stay.

Here are the benefits of Zumba & Yoga –

 Healthy and happy employees

 Better co-operation between co-workers which helps in team building

 Fitter employees, so, less time off work and reduced healthcare costs

 Boost in energy levels and productivity

 Better time management and sharper mental focus

 Creates a positive working environment and many more